What I Learned From My First Work Camping Job

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Part of the full-timing RV life style is finding work along the way.   We still need some source of income while on the road.  Many campgrounds will hire RVers to work.   It allows us the opportunity to earn an income while enjoying the benefits of the campgrounds as well as seeing the new locations we set out for.  Some go where the work is and some decide where they want to be and then find work.

After one month of RV living, I set out to find work for 3 -4 months to pad my account so I get spend the winter months in Arizona.  I had put my resume and applications into 3 different states for various work camping positions and the place that hired me was a lodge I was already familiar with because it was 50 miles from where I lived before starting this new life.  My husband and I had sometimes thought it would be neat to spend a summer on the mountain and now we get to do this.

Since I’ve patronized this lodge before, I knew there wasn’t any cell service there.  Remember, we are on a mountain. I also was aware of the spot where I get a signal 12 miles away.  I rarely use my phone and no one calls me anyway, so that part doesn’t bother me.

The lodge has wi-fi, however.  I went into this figuring if there’s wi-fi then I can still tap into my favorite things that keep me entertained as well as try to keep this blog going.   What I wasn’t told until I got there is that the wi-fi isn’t great but then they limit employees to 20 minutes per day.   Did your jaw just drop?  This is why I haven’t been posting.  I cannot work on this or play on-line when I want to and if I’m only allowed 20 minutes then I can check email at best.   We make a weekly 30 mile drive to the nearest town to use the wi-fi in the public library.

Employees have an area where they can do laundry and the detergent is supplied or you have the option to use your own.   It’s in the basement of the lodge and in the spring the basement floods.  There is a sump pump.  The sump pump is where the laundry is and to keep it plugged in and operating means unplugging one of the washers.  So there are 2 washers for the employees and now it’s reduced to one.   There are also 2 dryers but one of them has been out of service for months and it doesn’t look like it will be repaired or replaced anytime soon.  Not to mention the machines don’t appear to be kept clean and there’s no table for folding.   Luckily, we’ve devised a washing system out of 5 gallon buckets and they let us have a clothesline at our site.  We wash our clothes this way and it allows us to stretch the need to go to town for the laundry mat to every other week. 

I didn’t ask anything upon being offered the position here because I had been here before.   I made my own assumptions based on what I saw and experienced as a customer.   The cell phone thing is not a big deal and my husband and I have ordered radios to keep in touch on the premises.  But the wi-fi thing is something we now know is a must have.   It’s entertainment as well as business.  Such a fundamental piece in all lives in this day and age is something we are not willing to compromise on unless we decide to boondock somewhere.  I’m going to want to see the laundry facility and if sub-par, is there a laundry mat nearby?

In the future, I’m going to ask about the wi-fi and the laundry.  They’re really the only set-back I’ve had so far.   This experience has taught me what I’m willing to live with or without and what expectations I will have going forward.


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