Surviving Without Internet

The internet is such a fundamental part of our lives. What started out as a source for information has our lives revolve around it. It’s how we conduct business, both personal and professional. For the vast majority of us, it’s also our source of entertainment.

I recently had a work camping job that was in the mountains at a lodge. The WiFi could only be accessed at the lodge and it was spotty when it worked. Since starting this blog is all new to me, it was frustrating that I could not readily work on it when I felt like it. That was my first realization that it’s taken for granted that this tool is available in most places.

As someone that is full-time RVing, you go into this lifestyle knowing there will be places where you won’t have internet. I put together some ways to combat the dependency our society has on it. It is also one of the reasons why we enjoy this life as you learn to connect in other ways. I’ve rediscovered many things I have not done in a long, long time.

Playing cards. I was never much of a card player, except for Solitaire on occasion. I like to play Rummy and my husband I played that and it was fun!      

Crosswords, Sudoku, etc. Head to the magazine rack and pick up some puzzle books. It’ll pass the time and keep your brain functioning.

Recall your hobbies. Was there something you used to absolutely love to do that you realized you haven’t bothered with in a while? Maybe it’s time to reclaim that. I know as an RVer, space and weight is everything. If it’s something that you know you can have room for in the RV, why not? What about something you always wanted to try and didn’t? No time like the present.

Try something new. Anything that you haven’t tried before, but always wanted to. Put yourself out there. Write the book. Try to sell that artwork.

If you’re traveling, like myself, talk to some locals or find out about the hidden gems of the area instead of the tourist traps. Take a drive and see where you end up.

Games. Whether it be the board games or yard games. It’s a good way to spend time with friends and family and can generate some laughs.

The art of conversation. With social media, texting and such, we’ve forgotten how to carry on good conversation that’s engaging. We want to be in touch with everyone, yet we are so disconnected from those around us. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know how to genuinely take an interest in what’s important to someone else. We know people, but do we get to know them? Doing so could take you on a whole new path you wouldn’t have imagined on your own.

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