RV Maintenance – Lubricants

RVs have many moving parts and to keep them functioning it’s important to keep them lubricated. I’ve compiled a list of various lubricants you want to have handy to maintain these components.

Dry Lube – Dry lube can be used in a multiple areas. It can be used for the track on your slide, the window tracks, the locks, awning tracks and the jacks. Spray it and it dries quickly and will not rinse off when it rains. It’s not messy. WD-40 has created a product for each of these items that you can purchase.

Grease and grease gun – If you are towing a 5th wheel or bumper pull, keeping the bearings greased prevents rust. Doing this simple maintenance will keep the wheel spinning freely on axle and prevent uneven tire wear and/or damage to inside the wheel hub. You also want to use grease on the ball and the coupler of the hitch. This allows the coupler to turn on the ball smoothly and prevents wear on the ball.

Rubber seal treatment – You will want to keep the rubber seals around your slide from premature deterioration and reduce excessive friction. Taking care of the integrity of the seals will prolong the life of your slide.

Rust inhibitor – A rust inhibitor can also be used on the slide to keep it moving smoothly. It is also good to use on the leaf springs and suspension as well as your battery connections.

Drain valve lubricant – Your drain valves for dumping out the tanks can get sticky over time. It will lubricate the valves without damaging the seals. It will allow for smooth flow when dumping and prevent valves from sticking. It can be used in both the black and gray water tanks.


Silicone spray – these are recommended for use twice a year on the RV antennas. Silicone will not damage the rubber o-ring that prevents leaks. Silicone spray can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces to waterproof and protect. It will also act as a lubricant for those items mentioned in the Dry Lube paragraph.

Penetrating oil – If you have to loosen a bolt or fitting that got rusted on, penetrating oil can loosen this.

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